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Experience the Power of WebChimera, advanced tools for development of players based on VLC.

NW.js / Electron

WebChimera.js - VLC

Makes libVLC draw directly into a raw array (Uint8Array) in the JS side. Then it puts this array in a texture and draws it on a canvas element. Github

WebChimera.js - GStreamer

Version of WebChimera.js based on the GStreamer library. Github


Uses WebChimera.js to render a video by drawing the frames on a canvas in webgl. Github


This module allows you to set-up WebChimera.js + embedded VLC without other steps. Github


A full featured video player with a custom JS API based on WebChimera.js + Renderer. Github

Desktop / Android


Media player with fully customizable UI (QML). Github


Currently Under Development. Test It